Mỗi người Việt dùng 1,15kg cà phê trong một năm

Each Vietnamese coffee used in a year 1,15kg

Vietnam is among five leading countries in Asia about coffee consumption per capita per year, followed by Japan (2.9 kg), South Korea (2.42 kg), Thailand (1.95 kg).

In all coffee products newly introduced to the market in Asia in the past two years, ground coffee, whole bean coffee Vietnam accounted for about one quarter (23%). This figure is four times compared to the process of developing new products in China (estimated at 6%) in the same period, according to a survey by market research company Mintel.


In terms of demand, Vietnam occupies 1/10 of the coffee market new products launched in the Asia Pacific, No. 4 after Korea (15%), Japan (13%), India (11 %).

"The retail market Vietnam coffee has reached more than $ 127 million in 2008 and rose to about 287 million by 2012, we expect this figure will increase to nearly 574 million in 2016", reports Mintel if.

He Jonny - Analyst Mintel's Global Beverage stated that Vietnam has a population structure extremely ideal. 89 million people the majority of the younger generation educated. The middle class is emerging fast with the desire to access international brands. In fact, the long lines of people queuing in the opening days of Starbucks stores in HCMC shown potential demand of this market.

"However, Vietnam is no difference compared to other countries of the coffee culture has a long and demanding better coffee flavor. We can find brewed coffee filter all the way across the country. Test results in the Vietnam market shows the trend of the next generation of customer is directed to the modern coffee culture, trendy and international integration, "he said Jonny.

In addition, consumers Vietnam have formed taste, their own interests, while many other countries in Asia, the coffee tastes also not clear shape.

"The key to the brand's big international coffee sustain long-term success in the Asian market is to create a balance, flexibility and ease of control while keeping the essence that made the cost of its global success, "Mintel Beverage expert concluded.

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