Cà phê Việt Nam và cách thưởng thức

Vietnam coffee and enjoy

Vietnam coffee for enjoying slowly, similar to the way the French drink. However, the French drink coffee before starting your day. In Vietnam, people usually spend at least half an hour each time to drink coffee, and they can be given at any time of day. Vietnamese people drink coffee in the morning, noon, evening, the sad, the thought, the stress of work or because of habit not to be missed.

Today, in some countries it is considered coffee drinking as a popular beverage, served with fruit and fruit cake. In Vietnam, coffee is a popular drink, especially in the morning. The bars (except the "bar") is often called "coffee shops" although other beverages served.

In Western countries, coffee is a catalyst for spiritual work. In Vietnam, coffee accompanied relaxing fun with your friends. Probably by Westerners set higher labor productivity, and in some other countries, people turn highlights the relaxation in your life.

Gu coffee shades make up the local culture. One can look at how to drink, taste the coffee and realize that people are people somewhere. In the big city culture "multiracial" coffee tastes much better tone. The cultural identity of her "bride sea" many times since coffee followed the French in colonial Vietnam. In ancient times, people enjoy coffee focus on the middle class aristocratic travelers. Today, numerous users can enjoy coffee with price matching purse. Even, there are people working at the cafe instead of the office.


Pleasure of drinking coffee, looking old is sitting coffee droplets falling but ponder about life, life in general. People talk to each other about the news of the newspaper that day, about his outlook on life, family, friends ...... So delicious coffee that you show "sitting co" from morning to afternoon in cafes are also not without.


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